Friday, 7 March 2014

FREE Download - The Sun and the Moon

Last year, whilst writing Happiness & Honey, I wrote a small story about the relationship between the sun and the moon.

I don't agree when people say that when you write a story, it has to be a certain length.

That's like telling an artist they can only use a canvas of a certain size, or telling a poet they can only use so many words in a verse.

Nope, I'm sorry . . . I don't agree.

This is creativity we're talking about here and its wings should not be clipped. It should be allowed to fly to unknown places, go on adventures and get to know itself.

I understand that publishers and all the rest have their guidelines. I once had a recording contract and as soon as the record label told me what to do with MY music, I turned around and said no thanks.

Even when they say they give you freedom, it's still within the limits of their own landscape. 'We won't clip your wings, but you're not allowed to go over there or over there . . . no, not over there, either. Over there is a no-go. Definitely not over there.'

This is why so many creatives end up going alone. It might be harder and the process longer (although sometimes it's not) but there's one thing that remains intact: integrity.

And surely one of the most important character traits for any creative person is integrity.

For that reason, I wrote a story and when it felt complete, I put a full stop at the end of it. It turned out it was less than 700 words in length. It's cool, though, it is what it is.

Please go to the book section of my site and you'll find it as a free download.

Keep shining!


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