Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Spring Clean

Is it sad that I like doing simple chores, such as the dishes, vacuuming and dusting? I even enjoy putting the wet clothes out to dry.

I'm sure it's not only me that gets instant gratification from these menial tasks.

(Is it?)

Doing such things allows me to practice mindfulness. They are in their very nature simple tasks (if you're physically able and well, that is) so it gives you the chance to focus on the minute movements of your body. You can follow your breath more easily, too. You can see thoughts as they come and go and bring yourself back to the task when you've noticed you've been led astray.

I'm now going through a form of spring cleaning with all aspects of my books.

Expect to see some inconsistencies surrounding prices, front covers, descriptions and sometimes even content.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as washing a few pots and pans, but it needs to be done.

And I know I'll feel instant gratification when I've finished.


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