Friday, 21 January 2011

Another Dimension

I've just been talking to a good friend of mine, Dan Bruce.

'I've got to tell someone, Gav,' he said, over the phone. 'I've been to another dimension!'

What followed was a long conversation about his experience waking up in a place that was familiar, yet unfamiliar to him.

He said that he didn't have a body. The laws of nature were similar to here but slightly different. 'Everything seemed lighter,' he said.

He said all day he's been looking at forms (from everything to his speakers, his body, a tree) somewhat differently than he used to. 'Everything seems so heavy,' he said.

I've got two other friends who have had out of body experiences. One of which said she left her body and went for a sprint in the field near her house. She ran as fast as she could. She said she was 'pulled' back to her body. She woke up with her physical body shaking and sweating.

My friend, Dan, also said he woke up sweating (and scared).

I've read about the 'silver cord'. It acts as a kind of lifeline. So basically, you can leave your body, go anywhere, but if this silver cord is snapped, you die - basically.

Then I got thinking about what happens when you stretch an elastic band - heat is created. 

What if heat is created when the silver cord is stretched? So when consciousness leaves the body and returns again it creates heat. If so, surely this will be able to be tested in the lab...

Would this show signs of us having a soul?

I might be behind the times here - as it already been done?

Interesting stuff, anyways.


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