Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Resist or Yield

A postman that I work with broke his leg before Christmas. He fell on the ice and broke his lower leg in two places.

Whilst recuperating at his parents' home his house got broken into. They stole pretty much everything he had, including all of the Christmas presents he had bought (and the £60 xmas tips he had received so far from the people on his walk).

This morning I got told that the nice people he delivers to found out about him breaking his leg. They got together a collection of money (the average postie, if they've been on a walk for quite a while, will normally get around £150-£200 in tips) they found out where he lived and posted it through his door. 

Very thoughtful of them.

BUT... he received a phone call from one of the lovely people on his walk asking him if he had received the collection of tips. 

He said no.

It turns out they had delivered it to number 15, when he lives at number 12. 

Oh dear.

The people who received the money refuse to give it to him.

It sounds like a period of his life he won't forget.

I just hope he's learning from it all and not thinking of himself as a victim of life's happenings.

There's always a choice to either resist or yield.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  

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