Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Peter Otoole

My good friend Pete Otoole is an awesome artist.

We first worked together when I was trying to make it as a musician (a good 6 - 7 years ago). He designed the front covers for my demos, and when I eventually got signed he designed covers for the EP releases.

After talking to Pete I'm always left with a huge amount of determination, focus, excitement and creativity.

I always tell people, 'Follow your passion and money will become a byproduct.' Pete is a perfect example of this.

He quit his job and became a full-time artist.

He's always been focused and determined to make a living out of what he loves doing, which is anything to do with art.

Learn from this guy.

Use him as an example for having the guts to go for what you want in life. And when you get knocked down, you get back up again and learn from it. Grow from it.

We're going to start a new project; a book on an adventure to find the self.

Watch this space.

Check out Pete's site:

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