Sunday, 20 February 2011

Watch Your Little Finger

I was doing my 'big Sunday shop' today at my local supermarket and became aware of the fact that everyone around me was the same as me. I saw past their physical expressions (expressions of form) and saw them as the formless life energy. Then I realised that I was that life energy too. I saw how interconnected we all are. 

I looked at faces and straight away saw the formless wonder behind them, operating the form.

It's the same experience I had with the dead cat on my walk (something I mentioned in an earlier post). I could see that the difference between me and the cat was that the life energy which made the cat 'a cat' to us, had left. Whereas the life energy that made up what people know as 'Gavin Whyte' was still contained within form.

We don't die.

Just watch your little finger move.

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