Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Biding Time

"I wondered whether people would still exert the tremendous effort of work and sacrifice to acquire worldly goods, committing crimes if necessary, if they realised that all they had to do was to bide their time, lead a decent life, spiritualise their consciousness so that it would vibrate on a more exalted level, and simply wait for the gates of death to open for them and see their wildest dreams come true."

Jurgen Ziewe - Multidimentional Man.

I love this. The phrase '...all they had to do was bide their time...' has had a significant impact on me lately.

There are times when I get too ambitious. I get lost in doing and when the doing gets lost I too find it hard too do things, then I start to feel lost.

When really, all I have to do is bide my time.

What's the rush?

Why chase things?

Why do?

Why not be?

My need to do comes from the misperception that the present moment lacks something.

Sometimes I find it really hard to see that everything, right now, is exactly how it's meant to be.

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