Friday, 6 April 2012

Michael Jackson's Instruction Manual

I write about trust quite a bit on this blog. I think it's a vital component to living a balanced life.

I haven't written any fiction for a while. This is due to a shortage of ideas and also a lack of tenacity to develop any of the ideas that do spring up, into fully formed story.

The other day I got thinking about a documentary I saw about Michael Jackson. They were interviewing him in his studio and he was asked where he got his ideas from. Commenting on Billy Jean, he said, 'I asked for it and it came.'

He asked the universe or God, or whatever you want to call it, for an idea and it delivered.

'I asked for a catchy bassline hook. I let it go. Some time later I was driving and in my head came this bassline.' And he started to hum the bassline for Billy Jean.

Pondering on that I asked out loud, 'I could do with some help for a new book idea.'

I let it go and got on with my day just like Jacko did. I think this process of letting go is very important. It allows the seeds to sink slowly into the ground without adding too much water (attention) to them, which could ultimately kill them.

Sat at my laptop two nights ago I had an urge to sift through my bottom draw, known as the Draw of Crap. There I found articles, papers and booklets which I hadn't seen for a very long time. Two thirds through and I come across something which gave me a 'Ah haa' moment. I smiled and said thank you.

Lets just say I got was I asked for . . .

Now the idea is bubbling away in my mind and I hope I have the tenacity to see it through to completion. No doubt I will ask for help with that too.

The universe is such an amazing tool but we don't know how to use because we lack an instruction manual.

I think every one of us has a manual hidden within us.

And it's a manual written and designed for you - by you.

It's what your heart, not your head, tells you.

And for that reason it deserves to be trusted.

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