Sunday, 2 November 2014

Reading The Book that so many have read.

So I've done it...

At 31 years old I've started to read the book that I've heard so much about.

With my personal library mainly consisting of books on spirituality, new age thought, life after death, psychology and eastern philosophy and religion, the book I've started to read has been quoted countless times throughout.

I found myself asking questions like...

Why has it been quoted so much?

Why have so many people read it?

Why do so many people live their lives by it?

Why do people say it's the only book you will ever have to read?

What makes the stories it contains so profound?

Why do so many people take the stories as truth?

Why have people killed in its name?

Is this book really the key to heaven and the way to escape burning for eternity in the fires of hell?

Funnily enough, despite the overwhelming seriousness of the latter, what was more important for me was why people kept on saying that my work reminds them of the book's core values, even though I've never read it, nor am I religious?

When I moved to Taiwan, I only brought with me a handful of books. One of them was this one.

The bible.

Now, it's a chunky read, so I'm going to be reading other books alongside it.

But anyhow, here I go.

(Just read the bit about circumcision... hmm... if the next time you see me I look in pain, you know why.)

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