Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bad Vibes

I could sense the low feeling gradually creeping up on me yesterday, and it was just that - a feeling. I found it very easy to 'blame' something, anything, that I thought might have caused this crappy feeling to arrive uninvited, but I took a step back - mentally.

Instead of making the feeling a part of my story (the story of Gavin) I tried my best to separate myself from it, becoming the observer of the feeling. Now I say 'try' because, depending on the intensity of the feeling, it can be very difficult. They suck you in and you end up looking for people or circumstances that may have caused it, when, in fact, they've got nothing to do with it.

When you become the observer you see that these 'bad vibes' (which are not bad at all) are perfectly natural. They come and go like waves and it's entirely up to you how long they stay in your presence. If you cling to them, making them a part of your story - your drama - then they will last so much longer than if you just watch them do their dance.

Just accept them as a feeling, a change in your energy vibration and nothing more.

My star sign is Cancer, a sign renowned for being moody, but also a sign that's governed by the moon.

I'm fascinated with the moon. I could spend hours just looking at it. I find it very meditative and therapeutic. I'm now very aware of when there's a full moon; I get very irritated and almost depressed and lose focus. My thoughts get amplified and I end up taking them literally and to heart. 

This is something I need to work on and prepare for in the future!

Does anybody else feel this?


  1. No rituals, no routines are perfect, no relationships, no self help book or religious text, no theory at a seminar , none of these are perfect, and you can’t be continuously happy, the trick is – there is no trick, acceptance of the bad times seems to be the easiest, this will not make them suddenly disappear however it will mean your on the path of least resistance, granted this path is still bumpy but it beats the path where you constantly fight the negative feeling, block it out or deny that its there, only for it to grow into this gigantic problem. Did you start Journey of Socrates yet? Theres a bit in that that says

    “Abide in the mystery, trust it socrates, let go of knowing what should and shouldn’t be, and you will find your faith once again.”

    I know as soon as you hear the word faith, it makes you think of religion, but thats not what springs to mind anymore for me.

    faith is not saying to yourself and praying to God or Buddah or the universe or whoever you pray to "everything will be fine" or "everything will be great" or "everything will be ok in the end" no, faith is simply saying "Everything will be" simple, good or bad it will be, up or down, it will be, now I know this may come across as a little depressing but once you get your head around it, its like a pressure has been lifted of your shoulders, you stop trying to control as much and start just going with the flow a little more. ok not all the time, some days you still slip back into your drama and forget these things. but its helps for me anyway.

  2. and why do people feel so bad about feeling bad anyway? its bad enough feeling bad, without feeling bad about feeling bad ey?? haha