Monday, 25 October 2010

Lucky You!!

I felt calm this morning as I drove to work. It was a fresh, crisp morning and the sun was just beginning to cover everything in a blanket of gold. As I stopped at a set of traffic lights I began to watch people as they walked to work. They all had the same expression on their faces; a look of concern, a look of being lost in thought, lost in their dramas. 

Every person I looked at seemed to be searching for anything that lasts forever. Constantly on the hunt for something that can't or won't slip away - and that thing they're hunting for 'will bring them happiness and fulfilment'.

The hunt goes on and on.

That thing is not out there.

We live in the world of forms, and all forms are in a constant state of flux. 'All forms are unstable' as Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth.

All forms will become formless within time.

Contentment and peace are found in being, not doing (and especially not in buying).

Open your ears.

Open your eyes.




It's all here, right in front of you.

Watch the universal breath enter your dense physical form and then calmly leave - only for the cycle to start again all by itself.


Lucky you!!

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