Thursday, 11 November 2010


Today I attended a spirituality class run by Elaine Lumb - a very good friend of mine. She holds the class every Thursday morning from 10am to 1pm at her converted farmhouse in Marsden (a very beautiful home with amazing views). She has held the class for more than 10 years!! It just shows how vast the topic of spirituality is. About 15 people attend, and everyone's always very friendly and warm. 

This morning an elderly lady called Grace came. The moment she opened her mouth I knew I was in the presence of someone knowledgeable and wise. She only spoke when necessary and listened attentively when others were speaking. 

"There are two words that I keep tripping over," she said, "right and wrong. I find them ridiculous. How can we know if something is right or wrong?" These words set the group off in a whole new direction of discussion.

Another thing she said was this: "It is very simple for me: Respect and honour everyone and everything, and accept other people's opinions."

Thank you, Grace.

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