Thursday, 16 June 2011

One Last Ride

A work colleague was deeply upset today because her horse had to be put down.

I told her that the grieving process gets easier with time. I also told her that one of the reasons we get upset when death strikes so close to home, is that we don't know what death is. But not only that, we don't know who we are.

If we knew who we were, we would come to the conclusion that death doesn't touch us - and we would look at death differently.

She told me she had a dream last night where she was riding her horse and it slowly faded away.

She thought this was horrible. 

I saw it as a beautiful goodbye.

I told her that her horse has gone from 'A' where she could see it, to 'B' where she can't. 

Her horse hasn't ceased to be. No thing we have created a 'love-link' with, ceases to be.

Death is a transition within this process we call life. It isn't the end of life. It goes hand in hand with it.

You can't die.

You're not who you think you are, you are much, much more - the same goes for your pets.


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