Monday, 29 August 2011

Cainer's Thought for the Day

I check my star signs regularly on Jonathan Cainer's site - He is by far one of the most accurate astrologers out there.

Every day he has a 'thought for the day'. Below is what he has written for tomorrow's. I thought it was interesting.

An ancient cosmic law states wherever there is a ridiculous imbalance, an opposite inequity must exist. Here's an example. In 2002, ex-Royal Marine Steven Gough became a 'radical nudist' and hiked as nature made him, across Britain. Most local authorities turned a blind eye. But in Perth, Scotland, they gaoled him in 2008. He's been serving time ever since. Whenever they free him, he walks out naked and is locked back up. Last week, he got two more years. Just 60 miles away lies the prison where the authorities were seemingly happy to let the Lockerbie bomber go.

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