Friday, 26 August 2011

Emotional Change

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post. Change is strange, but sometimes it is needed (and can't be avoided) if one is to move forward and progress.

When the feeling - the inner urge - the pull in your stomach - is too strong that it can't be ignored any longer, one has to surrender and take the appropriate action that corresponds with that surge of energy.

I have no doubt that some people might find this act of surrender quite painless and straight forward, but for me, the times when I've had to make a big decision - a decision that will ultimately change the course of my life - it has been hellish.

But I've always come out wiser and stronger for making the move.

I mention above about a big decision, but is there such a thing? Am I merely saying that a decision backed by a large amount of emotion is bigger than one where there is lack of emotion?

It certainly feels that way, but it may not be true.

After all, doesn't every decision that one makes take one down a path that one wouldn't have gone down without the result of making such a decision? Be it eating a certain sandwich - going to the toilet before meeting a friend - saying certain things to a certain someone - smiling - saying goodbye - running - walking - saying thank you - not saying thank you - - - - your life is just made up of very small decisions you make in the moment. 

That's the way I see it, any road. I might change my mind tomorrow when something happens that I perceive to be out of my control.    

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