Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fiction vs Fact

Since an article appeared in Monday's Huddersfield Examiner covering the story of my book and how it came about, I've had a number of people on my walk stop me and say how touched they were by it.

Today, a lady called Rita Payne, who just so happens to have written her biography and is available on amazon - said how I must've had a rough time growing up and how she felt sorry for me.

I was a bit taken aback by this and wondered what she meant. Then I realised that she thought that I was Jamie, the protagonist in my book. I had to explain to her that he was fictional.

When my mum first read my book, although she enjoyed it, she couldn't help but be a tad concerned as to what people would think (and say) about my dad.

Again, I had to explain that I wasn't Jamie, and therefore Jamie's dad wasn't my dad.

The only characters in the story who I've tried to base on real people are Dan and his parents - and even then, I've added fictional elements to their personalities.

Yes, the story is based on a real event in my life - my good friend, Daniel Cox, being diagnosed with a brain tumour, and yes he said they were angels at his bedside when he woke up one morning, but what runs throughout the book isn't about my life - it's about my philosophy on life and death. 

I want people to read it and be comforted by its message, to be given hope, and for them to perceive death and dying in a healthier light once they've read it.

So far it seems to be having a positive influence on people.

I would like to thank all the people who've supported me and the book so far. It really makes my day when someone says that my book has helped them.

Thanks again, folks.

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