Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Playing Hide and Seek with Ourselves

This moment, right now, is truly magical. It's absolutely blissful - full of bliss.

This moment is all there is - we know that, right? There is no past or future. We could say that yesterday was in the past, but we only experienced it in the here and now. The future is fictitious; tomorrow never comes, but yet we live in fear of it or can't wait to get to 'that place', and when it does it soon passes. And it passes because this moment is in a constant state of flux.

I was at my local Buddhist centre last night and the following words were said, 'The mind is a contiuum', Which I interpreted as the experience of mind is a continuum. Now I know that the great Bodhidharma said that 'everything is mind and that there is nothing that is not mind'. But what if there is? I'm talking at the very core of existence where you and I cease to be. Where we have merged with the One; that consciousness that pervades all forms. Where there is no need for an identity. When we have become One with God. So therefore mind, as in a separate entity (i.e. I'm losing my mind...) would no longer exist, because my mind would no longer be my mind because there would be no mind to have! And if there was, who would own it?!?

I'm always a bit reluctant to use the G word (God). Many people are put off by it, and that's understandable. But I think the more you look deeper into yourself, your very nature and start asking some questions then you just might get a glimpse of this moment where You cease to be, and you become the moment. You become Love. And you can't help but realise that Love and God are inseparable. They are one and the same.

The Beatles had it: "All you need is Love".

Love resides in the present moment, and that's why this moment is blissful.

The present moment is God's hiding place.

I like to think we're all getting warmer.

...thinking out loud...

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