Sunday, 19 February 2012


Trust is something I've been grappling with lately. Trust and Patience.

I become impatient when I lack the trust in the Divine plan of how my life is unfolding. I end up wanting to speed up the process. But you can't force a rose to bloom. As my good friend Andy Brown said, you can't force a snake to shed its skin, and if you try it'll bite. If you try to force a rose to bloom you will no doubt spoil the natural beauty that unfolds when the process occurs naturally.

When trust is absent my plans become the driving force of my existence, whereas when I trust, my plans are still there, but they're more in line with the Divine plan and therefore it feels like I don't have to do anything - for everything is being done through me. Only then, when I trust, do I see and understand that whatever is happening is happening the way it's supposed to be happening - everything that is is because it can't be any other way.

And when I do trust, everything feels so perfect that I often question myself as to how I could ever mistrust the process?

All the struggles I have been through have always lead to spiritual growth (learning something about who I really am). In life, you really can't fail. It isn't an option. At least, that's how I see it. Things might not work out the way you had planned, but that's my point - the way you planned. This is not a indication of failure. It means that the ever unfolding happening didn't match up to your plans, but it was always in the Divine plan, if it wasn't, then it wouldn't be.

All you have to do is trust and allow this plan to work through you, as it always has your best interests at heart. I'm aware this sounds very generic but maybe that's material for another post.

If you find yourself being impatient with the path that you're on, if you think that life isn't changing fast enough for you, if you find yourself hating your present situation so much that you scream into a pillow (I've been there - it didn't help) - then sit back, know that it's part of the 'bigger' plan, and trust that everything is happening the way it's supposed to be happening.

Every leaf falls in exactly the right place, at exactly the right pace.

When you become impatient, you're likely (and this is from my own personal experience) to make the ride a tad bumpy, when it can be smooth, if only you wish to trust.

You are the rose that's blooming - right now you're beautiful and perfect and exactly in the place you're supposed to be in. Don't spoil the process by forcing yourself to bloom prematurely.

Smiley Happy People : )

(All of the above are instructions for myself.) 


  1. yay...thankyou for your beautifully put words...just what i needed to hear right now

  2. Wonderful post thank you very much, I am on a mission to learn to choose good feeling thoughts and grow to be happy with my life exactly as it is right now.....
    I had forgotten all about trust!
    Your post is beautiful and very helpful

    1. Thank you Klara, your words mean a lot.
      We do forget about trust. I believe it to be important when we're going through a rough patch or simply lacking patience with ourselves or at the speed at which life's unfolding.
      It's good to trust that you're on the right track.
      Thanks again.
      Peace and Love
      G x