Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I can't believe it has been five months since my last post. I was contemplating getting rid of the blog altogether, but something told me not to.

A lot has happened since my last post in September '11. I'm going to use the cliche of a starting a new chapter, because that's exactly what it feels like.

I'm more myself now, and from friends and family, it's quite obvious, both from my attitude and appearance. 'Gav is back!' seems to be a popular phrase uttered in the few months that have passed.

Sometimes we have to travel far from the track of our true Self to be given the contrast of what it feels like when we get back in line with who we are. A lot of the time it's the moment of contrast, the moment of return, that's the hardest part for us. We're being re-railed - and this can feel treacherous and unnatural as if we're swimming against the tide, but it's important that we welcome whatever comes our way and see it as part of our journey. Only when we welcome what is, and ultimately accept what is, can we deal with the change most effectively and efficiently.

The following quote is taken from the fantastic book by Henry Thomas Hamblin called My Search for Truth. It was written in 1951.

'We are all tested and tried, but never beyond our strength. We may be bent and strained, but God never breaks us; relief always comes just at the right time.'

I can vouch for that. Everything seems to work itself out and it's when we get caught up in our dramas (fuelled by ferocious emotions and feelings) that we lose ourselves and our faith in Life. We think we're being treated unfairly, when really it's exactly what had to happen, if only we could see it.

Another quote from the book mentioned is: 'All difficulties, if met in the right way, are turned into stepping-stones to higher things. And we go from strength to strength and from victory to victory.' (I've used this quote as my current facebook status.)

It's that 'if met in the right way' that stands out for me. We either accept a happening and see it as part of the process that is Life OR we resist the happening (that which already is) and see ourselves as a victim of a process that, at its very core, is impersonal.

Happy travelling!

Peace and Love, people!

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