Sunday, 23 February 2014

Life's Little Pokes

So, after embarking on the vast mission of learning Mandarin through the traditional system known as Zhuyin (also known as Bopomofo), instead of Pinyin, I've decided to do a TEFL course in preparation for my Taiwan trip.

If you don't already know, TEFL stands for Teaching English in a Foreign Language.

As a rule of thumb, if something gets brought to my awareness three times or more, I take it as a sign that I need to give it more attention. It's like Life is saying, 'Listen to me, will you!!'

TEFL got brought to my attention three times and more.

So I trusted the nudge and signed up.

It has cost me £299 for a weekend course (which ends in a certificate) but because I don't have a degree in English, I thought it would be wise to also complete the 120 hour online course.

This is the link I used:

I'll report back my experience after the weekend.

Teaching English in Taiwan wasn't originally part of my plan (I say my plan, may be it was always part of Life's plan). I'm remaining open-minded though, happy to flow along with Life's nudges. Trusting Life takes a lot of faith, but I've found that the more I trust -
the more faith I have in Life's plan, that Life tends to treat me like a best friend; constantly bringing opportunities to my door, helping me move forward, which leads to growth and expansion.

I'm starting to realise how fortunate I am to have English as my mother-tongue.

After all, if you can speak English and Mandarin, you can speak to over half of the population of the planet - pretty cool, eh!

Check out this Westerner known as Dashan. He's relatively unknown in the West, and his popularity in the East can be put down to his ability to speak Mandarin better than even some Chinese people. I'm determined to speak as fluently as this guy:


Pay attention to those nudges - Life's little pokes.

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