Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thanking J. Krishnamurti

I thought I would share on here my latest review on Goodreads.

It sounds quite a boring thing to share but after reading it I hope you'll see why I did so.

OK, so my original review of this book wasn't a very good one. In fact, I wrote it when I had given up on the book at about 3/4 of the way through it. I had lost patience with his constant putting down of humanity, calling it 'vulgar' time and time again. I felt like he was having a good old moan and I wasn't willing to invest any more time in it. On the night I wrote the review I had a dream of Krishnamurti... honestly, I'm not making this up. He was sat at a desk in what appeared to be a classroom. Every time I try and think of what was said between us, all I remember is this:

Me: So you want me to read books that I don't agree with!?

And a frustrated He: Yes! You HAVE to!!

Not surprisingly I woke up from the dream rather perplexed. After a few minutes of failing to remember more of what was said, I picked up the unfinished book and read it to the end.

I believe that we read what we read because there's something in the book for us; to help us; to guide us; to maybe move us onto the next step or help push forward an idea. This is illustrated beautifully when someone recommends a book to you and it contains the words you needed to hear at that exact moment in your life.

Well, good'old J. Krishnamurti obviously wanted me to finish his book because right at the very end, the very last entry he had made was, for me, exactly that.

Thank you, J. Krishnamurti, for guiding me out of my ignorance.

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