Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Second Step

I did something quite significant today.

I took my dog for a walk through the local fields. I was walking at my normal pace then it occurred to me how fast that pace was (postmen walk quite fast). So with this realisation I started to walk really, really slow.

I absorbed all of my surroundings. My thoughts were at a low volume, and when they did get too much attention I soon turned my awareness to what was.

And what was?

  • I could feel the wind against my face. It came in waves, sometimes weak, other times strong.
  • There were little insects scuttling away from my feet.
  • A plane was going over carrying a couple of hundred people.
  • The knee-high crop was swaying in the breeze making a sound like soft whitenoise.
  • I could hear cows in the distant fields.
  • I watched a kestral hover, looking for its lunch.

I'm sure there were much more going on.

All the time I was aware of my breathing and every move I made.

I got my phone out and selected the stopwatch mode. The pace I was walking at was about one step every second.

It was nice.

As a society we rush too much. This causes stress which in turn causes illness (of course, there are other factors too).

But just try slowing down.

See how you feel.

Stay well.

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