Friday, 5 May 2017

300 Words a Day - #33: Don't be a Barnacle

Our family and friends think they know what’s best for us, just as we think we know what’s best for them.

We willingly advise those of whom we care for, with the hope of steering them to safety.

But what happens when they shock us by doing something that alters our perception of them?

Do we get offended because our preconceived expectations and assumptions of who we thought they were, now prove to be useless? Do we feel foolish, now?

When they decide to live a life they want to live, as apposed to the life we expect and want them to live, do we feel offended because we thought we had them down to a tee? 

And now all of a sudden they’ve changed, and it is us that are left feeling confused and uncertain about life. Furthermore, where we stand in relation to this person - who we thought we knew so well - is now unclear.

Many of us don’t like change. It’s the unknown that bothers us. Whereas certainty can make us feel comfortable and cozy.

It can be a shock to the system when others don’t like change in your life because of how it makes them feel.

True colors can begin to seep through.

Or maybe they say they’re worried about you because they think you’re making a wrong move.

What to do?

Are you going to change your mind and deny yourself the chance to truly live the life you want to live? 

Guilt can be overbearing.

Or are you going to stick to what your deeper self is telling you; that you need to make this move because this is the way life is taking you?  

We put ourselves under enormous amounts of pressure when we resist the flow of life.

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