Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Sun and the Moon - Part 1 of 2

There was a time when the Sun and the Moon were so close that they rose and set together.

The people who populated Young Earth looked up in delight at the amazing exhibition of two heavenly bodies, side by side.

What the people didn't know was that their lives were on the verge of changing forever. 

The Sun was always the optimist of the two, always looking on the bright side of every occasion. This irritated the Moon and naturally it began to fall into the shadows. Whatever the Moon could do the Sun could do it brighter.

Because of this, the Moon began to foster feelings of envy.

'People adore you,' the Moon complained.

'They adore you, too,' consoled the Sun.

‘I doubt it! When you appear, they give thanks. They're not bothered when I come along. In fact, the majority of them go to bed! Every time we rise and set together I see eyes of millions staring at you.’

This sad state of affairs continued for quite some time, until, one day, the Moon saw the Sun yawning.

'Are you tired, Sun?' asked the Moon, rather taken aback.

‘I think so,' said the Sun. 'We might have to set earlier today.'

The Moon felt an idea stirring beneath its chalk-like surface, for its scars that we see today didn't come until much later.

‘Why don’t you go and have some rest, over there in the West?' it said.

'Are you sure?' said the Sun, taking another deep yawn and stretching its rays of deep amber.

'Of course, my friend. You shine so brightly all the time, I'm not surprised you're exhausted.'

'But what about our people?'

The Moon smiled. ‘I'll look after them until you rise, and then I’ll take a rest whilst you take over.’

To be continued...


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