Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Sun and the Moon - Part 2 of 2

Continuing on from Part 1...

'It sounds like a good idea,' said the Sun.

So the Sun plodded ever so slowly over to the West and laid its head down to rest. And the Moon shone proudly and watched over the people as they slept.

On one clear night the Moon noticed a small child pointing in its direction. The Moon was over itself with delight. 

It had been spotted! 

It almost went and woke up the Sun with utter excitement. To the Moon's amazement the child wasn't finished, for then it yelled, 

'Mum! Dad! Come and look at the Moon! Look how big and bright it is!'

The Moon puffed itself up and lit up the night sky, like never before. It was full of itself (this is where the term Full Moon originally comes from).

People couldn't help but notice.

Poems were written about it.

Songs were Sung.

Paintings were painted.

The seas and lakes chose to reflect on it.

The tides began to listen to it.

People would take late night walks and thank it for its guidance along their path.

'I no longer envy the Sun,' uttered the Moon, one night as it sat reflecting. 'All this time I thought the Sun and I should share the same purpose, but I was wrong. I am happy for the Sun to shine so brightly during the day, because I'm able to shine so brightly at night.'

Not many people know this, but the Sun gets many nightmares. It ends up being all hot and bothered and comes out in a fever. So on clear nights, when the Moon is nowhere to be seen, please know it hasn't grown impatient and left its post. 

It is quietly humming the Sun to sleep and will be back in no time at all.

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