Monday, 8 May 2017

300 Words a Day - #36: A Barnacle's Tale: Part 3 of 3

Continuing on from yesterday's post...

“What?” said Barry, aghast. “NO!” 

Bev let go with a smile.

She was never seen again by those on her rock. They mourned her absence - especially Barry, who was the last to see her, and couldn’t help blaming himself. The warnings of the tide were drilled into the young barnacles, with even more severity than before.

Let us turn our attention to Bev, for those remaining on the rock were mourning for themselves.

As she surrendered to the tide, smiling at Barry’s shocked expression, watching it getting smaller and fainter, she was actually becoming clearer and clearer to others she was not yet aware of.

“Who’s this?” she heard, and turned around instantly.

“Hello there, young one!” said a deep, penetrating voice. “Welcome!”

Bev literally could not believe what she was seeing. Barnacles, just like her, were not on rocks, but on a huge whale.

“Park yourself here,” said the barnacle with the deep voice. He seemed to be in charge. “Move up, everyone. Let’s create some space for her.”

Bev was still speechless. Her own imagination could never have conjured up such an experience.

“Well done for letting go and trusting!” said the barnacle in charge. “I’m Benny.”

“You’re Crazy… sorry, I mean, you’re Benny?”

“Guilty. And you are?”


And all of the barnacles, including the whale, all chorused, “Hello, Bev!” Of course, the whale’s voice drowned out the rest.

“Oh, this is Winnie,” said Benny. “As you can see, she’s a whale, and a grand one at that.”

“She doesn’t mind us clinging to her?”

“Mind? It was her idea, wasn’t it Winnie?”

In a slow, operatic sort of voice, Winnie said, “It can be lonely swimming through the world’s oceans, all by oneself.”

And so, legend has it, that Bev went on to see the world. 

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