Sunday, 7 May 2017

300 Words a Day - #35: A Barnacle's Tale: Part 2 of 3

Continuing on from yesterday's post...

“Cope better?” said Bev the barnacle. “And how do you propose I do that?”

“Just… copy me,” said Barry. “You don’t hear me fantasizing about being swept away by the tide.” 

“That’s because you’re afraid!”

“Afraid?! I’m not scared to let go! It’s just that we’re not supposed to, that’s all. I prefer to follow the rules, unlike some folk.”

“Haven’t you heard the rumors, though?”

“What, that trusting the tide leads to happiness? Of course I’ve heard them. Everyone has. But I’ve already told you, it means saying goodbye to all that we know.”

“You mean this rock?”

“Yes, I mean this rock. Our rock. We know this rock and it knows us.”

Both of them were quiet for sometime, then Bev said, “You said those who have let go have never been seen again, but there was one, wasn't there?”

“You mean Crazy Benny? Yeah, okay, good luck trusting him. The tide went to his head.”

“But he said-“

“I know what he said. My grandpa’s told me all about him. He was there, when he came back.”

“Well, wasn’t Benny happy?” said Bev.

“He was as crazy as a crab, my grandpa said. He said Crazy Benny was telling everyone how the tide takes you where you need to go, just as long as you’re willing to let go first. Trust! That’s what he kept on saying. Trust! Trust! Hah! Fool. They pushed him off the rock. They couldn’t stand him talking such nonsense.”

“Maybe that’s why nobody ever comes back, because persuading others to trust the tide, when we’ve been conditioned not to, is pointless.”

“They tell us that stuff for our own good.”

Bev couldn’t fight the impulse to let go. She had to do it. 

It was now or never. 

“Goodbye, Barry,” she said.

The final part will be here tomorrow

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