Sunday, 2 April 2017

300 Words a Day - #1 - Let's Do This

Why do I find it so difficult to commit to writing a blog?

Is it because I feel I don't have much to say?

Is it because I feel that people don't care about what I do have to say, so what would be the point in saying it? 

Is it because I'm not passionate enough about the written word?

I thought I was...

Do I put too much pressure on myself to say something meaningful?

Should I just treat it as a writing exercise?

I'm reminded of Ray Bradbury in his book, Zen in the Art of Writing, where he advises the reader, to: 

Just write."

So here I am, writing about the possible reasons as to why I don't commit to writing anything on here.

Are blogs a dying form now, like CDs and magazines?   

Let's try and care less about commitment and the expression that that commitment might or might not take.

Let's just write.

Write what?


Like, 300 words a day?

Why not. Do it. 

300 words a day about anything. Memories... stories... thoughts... poems... 

We all have a mind that likes to dwell in the past and anticipate the future - there's plenty of writing material to be sifted through there. 

You just have to do it.

Just write.

How about today, how many words have I written here, now?


Okay. Not long to go.

It hasn't been that bad actually. I've quite enjoyed it.

A bit of a release, a venting.

I feel like I’ve achieved something. 

Nothing like life’s little achievements to put you at ease. 

What’s a big achievement, if not a group of little ones, all working in unison? 

I wonder what 300 words I'll write tomorrow... don’t think about it. 

Just relax.

And write.

And there’s my 300 words for the day.




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  1. I liked this. Strange how even though you and I are both avid writers when the mood strikes us, sometimes writing is like lifting a thousand pounds. I think "relax, just write" is great advice, even if the end goal isn't visible or even existent. Good on ya, mate!

    1. Cheers mate. I've really been enjoying writing these past few posts. Short and succinct. A sense of achievement follows every time I press "publish post". Blook likened it to going to the gym - I wouldn't know - but I can kind of see what she means :) Thanks for leaving a comment.

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