Monday, 10 April 2017

300 Words a Day - #9 - Learning to Be the Flow

We can’t please everyone.

We can try for sure, but it’s usually in the trying that we see we’re fighting a losing battle.

It really is impossible to get everyone to like you, to accept your ideas, your views and opinions.

Folk have their agendas, just as you have yours.

The past is so well hidden.

Who knows what went on.

What scars were made, and how.

That’s one of the reasons to try and not take things personally.

Even if it involves those whom we thought were a good friend. Even members of our family.

Friends come and go - it’s a bit more tricky with family, I admit.

Those whom we thought were on our side can turn out to be not who we thought they were.

We can feel let down and disheartened.

We all wake up on one side of the bed.

Who’s to say your sunny outlook will be met with a smile by everyone?

It won’t.

It can’t.

Somebody, somewhere, will have woken up on the opposite side to you. (It’s a big bed.)

And visa-versa. 

(Happy people can be so annoying.)

The only things that are personal are the things we take personally.

We have a choice.

To enjoy the rainbow we have to put up with the rain.

To make an omelette we have to crack some eggs.

And all that jazz.

One day you will feel like you are doing everything right…

… the next day, everything wrong.

A friend of a friend is a Buddhist and recently went to a Buddhist conference. He told my friend how they were talking about ‘be the flow’, as apposed to ‘go with the flow’.

As my friend said, “Going with implies putting up with, rather than being your own flow.”

Now run along, river.



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