Wednesday, 26 April 2017

300 Words a Day - #25: Don't Ever Be Discouraged

For as long as I can remember I shared with the world my desire to be a recording artist.

Was it scary?

At times, yes.

Did I get ridiculed?

You bet I did! 

I still do!

You think I don’t get laughed at, scoffed at, for writing this blog?

You don’t think people who know me, secretly (sometimes not so secretly) laugh at my attempts to be a writer?

You didn’t think when I showed people my music, back when I was a teenager, that everybody supported me, did you?

I was laughed at from day one - even by my closest friends.

Even teachers said I was wasting my time.

Did I continue to share my dream with anybody who was willing to listen?

Too right I did, because it was too important.

And guess what I noticed… most of those who didn’t support me were the ones who didn’t have a dream of their own to go for.

Interesting, right?

Share your dream.

You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. 

If you have something to go for you have to be willing to take hits for it - and you will get hit.

It just proves you’re in the ring, fighting for what you believe in.

Kudos to you. 

You’re gaining strength.

To quote Happiness & Honey, “A dream has the power to put the fear of God in an idle heart.”

When you share with the world your dreams, you remind the non-dreamers of what they’re afraid of. But by bravely stepping forward and saying, “Think what you like, I’m doing this,” you light a torch and attract to you people and circumstances that will help you move forward.

Don’t ever be discouraged by the words or actions of those who don’t have the courage to live a dream.




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