Tuesday, 25 April 2017

300 Words a Day - #23: The Way of Visualisation - Part 3

In the previous post, I went through some of the things I did to make my dream of becoming a recording artist a reality. How I used to sit up in bed, every night, hands together as if I was praying, and picture in my mind what I wanted my future to look like, as if the goal had already been accomplished.

There was something within, an innate knowing, that told me that by repeating this exercise, I would be hooking my dream and reeling it into my experience.

Even in my late teens, when I started to come home under the influence, I would still sit up in bed and do my visualising.

As my bedroom was spinning and all I wanted was to sink into my cold pillow, I can remember a sober part of me asking, “How badly do you want it?”  

I would hurl myself up, clasp those hands, go through the routine and then finally collapse into a drunken stupor.

This dream meant the world to me. 

I was obsessed with it.

I would listen to the music of the artists I wanted to be like as much as I possibly could.

I would go to sleep with my headphones on.

At the cinema I was told to turn my music down - “Off would be better!”

Having a meal with family, I would have at least one earphone in.

I earned £6 a week from a paper round I had. I saved the money to buy albums and singles (it took two weeks, sometimes three, to buy one album.) 

When I got to college, I would spend my lunch money on music. 

My dad was once frustrated at this. I can remember saying, “Would you rather I bought cigarettes?”

That kept him quiet for a bit.



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