Sunday, 30 April 2017

300 Words a Day - #28: Others Can't Provide You with Self-Belief

I’ve already gone into some detail about what I did to finally get a recording contract.

Like, for example, how I envisioned the end result, as if it had already come to pass, and how I shared my passion with the world. When people asked, “What do you want to do?” I would proudly answer, “Be a recording artist.” 

I was scoffed at by a lot of people, but I was never discouraged.

“It’s foolish to dream,” was basically what they were wanting to say.

As I got older, people would ask, “Got that recording contract yet?”

“I’m getting there,” I would say, smiling knowingly.

I really did believe I would one day sign along the dotted line of a recording contract. If I didn’t believe it then there wouldn’t have been any point in embarking on the quest in the first place.

My self-belief was paramount. I learned early on how I couldn’t expect others to provide that kind of stuff for me. It had to come from within.

If our closest friends don’t support us, then they don’t support us.

If our family don’t support us, then they don’t support us.

If our partners don’t support us…

You get the picture.

We need to support ourselves.

Of course, it’s super helpful and nice of them if they find it within themselves to offer support, but not everyone can, especially if they don’t know what it feels like to go for a creative endeavor. 

Anybody that mocks me for having a dream only spurs me on. Without knowing it they give me strength, and I thank them for it.

Expecting the whole world and our entire circle of friends and relatives to support us is expecting too much.

Try it and see what happens. 

But you’ve been forewarned.



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  1. Yep, pretty wise stuff even for me at my ripe old age. I enjoyed the read. thanks.

    1. Your comment made me laugh. I'm glad you enjoyed the read. Have a great week - and thanks for commenting.